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Classic market Switzerland

"The old car scene is booming. According to the Zurich Auto-i-Dat, around 250 000 passenger cars in Switzerland are over 20 years old, around 75 000 are over 30, and around 45 000 PW have matured for over 40 years." Source: NZZ 18.10.2018

"The Swiss Umbrella Association for Historic Motor Vehicles (SDHM) estimates the value of cars used as classic cars in this country at around four billion Swiss francs and cites 250 million Swiss francs as the amount spent annually on their upkeep." Source: NZZ 18.10.2018

The Auto Zürich CLASSIC catchment area

The Auto Zürich CLASSIC is the gateway with the highest number of visitors to the increasingly popular Swiss classic car market. The canton of Zurich is home to by far the largest share of Switzerland's classic car population, at 20%.1) The entire catchment area of Auto Zürich (ZH, SZ, ZG, SO, SH, AI, AR, DG, AG and TG) is home to 66% of the total Swiss-wide classic car stock.1)

1) Source: Interessengemeinschaft Fahrzeugrestaurator (IGF)

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