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neues Messekonzept
The exhibition concept

The automotive industry is currently undergoing two transformations at the same time through alternative drivetrains and through digitalisation. In addition, there is a transformation in the exhibition landscape itself: The constant accessibility of target groups through digitalisation is now quite different than in the past - with corresponding effects on traditional exhibition formats.


The success of future mobility events is no longer a question of size, but of relevance.


Henceforth, Auto Zürich will compete with a completely new exhibition concept in order to be able to continue to prevail in these transformative times of increasing relevance to both exhibitors and visitors.


In the 35 years of its existence, Auto Zürich has been continuously improved and adapted to the respective needs of exhibitors and visitors. Only one decisive element has remained unchanged all these years: The exhibitor price per square meter.


With the new exhibition concept presented here, Auto Zürich will probably undergo its most far-reaching change to date. Never before has so much effort been put into further development in the period between two events.




The innovations
AZ Bild 6.png

The new 

The new spatial design places all information and meeting elements in the centre of each hall.

This creates space for circulation between the vehicles and at the same time offers visitors improved orientation. Simultaneously, meetings can be held in a much more discreet and at the same time more pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, each of the lounges in the halls is equipped with a catered coffee bar, which, through clear specifications in terms of quality, enhances the comfort of stay for exhibitors and visitors alike.

spacial design

The optional floor markings are part of the new visitor communication to visualise the different drive concepts.


floor markings

In future, the ceiling communication will achieve significantly more visibility and at the same time provide a visual upgrade as a design element.

Ceiling communication for

enhanced visibility

A completely new lighting concept ensures a significant improvement in the illumination of the exhibits even in the basic configuration. Thanks to a new modular system, individual objects can be effectively staged in daylight quality with the help of so-called LED light packages as an option.


lighting concept

The decision not to lay carpeting is in keeping with a contemporary and at the same time resource-saving design.

Elimination of


The optional display columns combine function with a filigree design that does not interfere with the visual impact of the exhibits from any visual axis.

These elements not only serve as information carriers, but also ensure the power supply of the exhibits without the need for disturbing cable ducts.


display columns

The revised system for the positioning of the exhibits not only obeys even the strictest specifications of current protection concepts, but at the same time offers maximum orientation and freedom of movement at the vehicle for the visitor.

Layout of the 


The consistent use of black, reusable textile material to cover the walls of the hall provides a massive improvement in the visual and acoustic quality of the space. At the same time, additional communication areas that can be occupied are created.


the hall walls

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