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Multifunctional display columns

Flexible communication elements at the head of the display columns serve as a graphically conspicuous identification for those exhibits that celebrate their Swiss premiere or world premiere at Auto Zürich.

The logo is placed above head height, thus supporting the effort to significantly improve visitor guidance and orientation.


In the spirit of contemporary resource conservation, the new Auto Zürich concept focuses primarily on reusable materials and elements. For this reason, the use of carpeting will be consistently avoided in Halls 1 - 4 in the future. This in turn requires an innovative solution for both the supply of electricity to the exhibits. The new display column plays a decisive role here: it connects the power supply from the ceiling to the respective exhibit. It also makes the use of separate power connections and cable ducts obsolete.


The central information carrier is equipped with the help of printed matter in A4 format. This enables each exhibitor to design it with the help of a specially provided mask.  At the same time, it is possible to change these carriers on site at any time - even during operation - without significant effort. In contrast to most display column, this information carrier is arranged in such a way that the majority of it operates at eye level and without any reflection of the ceiling lighting. This, too, is part of the effort to significantly improve the quality experienced by visitors.

Auto Zürich Stele
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